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I Need a Miracle

Where have all the miracles gone? It seems we were inundated with the stories of all the unearthly things that have been done by the power of god. He can produce rabbits form his hat all day long—we have Jesus rising from the dead and ascending into heaven; he was born of a virgin and turned water into win; healed the sick; multiplied loaves and fishes and so on and on. Now my question is if god saw fit to cater a wedding in Cana why won’t he supply food for the starving in Africa?
There are people that claim latter day miracles but, are unable to supply any verifiable evidence. The annual liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro in Naples is all but impressive—it is pathetic to see hundreds of faithful all staring at a little vile of congealed blood while some old clergy man shakes it with all his power trying to force a small amount of blood to turn to a less solid state. The magician and sceptic James Randi is able to demonstrate the processes involved with this deception and to be honest it is not even that impressive.

Long gone or the resurrections and flying horses—no more are the parting of oceans to let people cross. You see we are no longer fools—if we take a look at less scientifically advanced cultures we can see how the first person to figure out when the eclipse was going to happen might seem like he had the power to do it or when he was able to know when the days were going to get longer or shorter he might have seemed powerful. We don’t need any of this mumbo jumbo anymore because we are able to explain it without resorting to magic spells and incantations.

If god was going to give a vulgar display of power to the people of times-gone-by why didn’t he give them video equipment to make better records than second hand butchered reports in scattered manuscripts? What we need is—to coin a phrase—shock and awe tactics of god—if he was to display he power as he did in times gone by we would have the whole Earth worshiping him—if an angel came into my room at night demonstrating some unexplainable powers of huge proportions then I would be the first to be prostrate on the ground flagellating myself. But, no I am expected to be content that the time of all these impressive miracles are over are over we have to put up with bleeding statues of the virgin Mary. There is the classic story that is told by believers that goes: there was this guy who was working away in a shop and he was very unhappy but then some random person came in off the street and stood on his head in the middle of the shop floor—the shopkeeper rushed over and took the man’s hand and said ‘thank you, thank you—just before you came in I was going to kill myself but before I done it I prayed to god that if he was real to make someone come in off the street and stand on his head’. Now besides the fact that this sound like a my-mother’s-hairdresser’s-aunt’s-husband’s-granny heard that… story it is not very impressive why couldn’t that man say ‘god if you are real fill the bellies of all the starving children’? Surely god’s powers can be put to more impressive tricks than this parlour game—sure I have seen the Hypnosis-Magician Darren Brown make people think that they were dead or make people forget that they had played the piano their whole life. God’s miracles: they don’t impress me much.

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